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2 Too Many dropped

Dropped from Label

After a  year, which included a tour of Chicago, 2 Too Many is dropped by the label. Carter goes to work for Townes in the studio and for Lassiter as an assistant. He sweeps floors, empties trash, carries records, and helps Lassiter’s children with science homework. Lassiter:

There was always something about Troy. Aside from being bright, he had just a special quality about him. You knew he would be successful in life – if he could avoid the pitfalls that existed in Philly.

Jan 1990

2 Too Many audition


Every day Carter walks to Delaware Avenue, to the studio of DJ Jazzy Jeff (Townes) and the Fresh Prince (Smith). One day, a friend who is recording in the studio lets him in. Townes, Smith and Lassiter, Smith’s business partner are in the lounge. Carter:

We literally just walked into the room and said we want to play some music for you. Will told us to go ahead and pop the tape in. [The room was too small for our routine] so everyone went outside and we danced in the snow…They just fell in love with us. We pretty much sucked as a group. They loved us and our tenacity more than anything else.


Every night someone was down there trying to get put on. It was something about these three kids and their personality and sense of humor that we responded to. I don’t remember if we thought they were talented or not. They just didn’t give up…We would just laugh at them. I remember plenty of times driving them home. I would say, ‘How are you getting home?’ They hadn’t thought it through. They didn’t have gloves. They didn’t have a Plan B.

Lassiter and Smith give 2 Too Many a record deal on their WilJam label.

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