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18 Sep, 2014

McAvoy: Don’t vote based on politics

McAvoy avoids taking a side but warns of making permanent decisions based on political agendas:

I don’t trust politicians at all, and I don’t really think that actors, i.e. professional liars, are the best people to be commenting and to be backing up other professional liars, i.e. politicians. I’ll go with my country no matter what way they vote, I just hope that my country follows its heart and its gut rather than listening to redundant political debate. If you vote one way or another because you believe in some political promise, five or 10 years from now it’s going to be a new guy in that chair with a different political agenda — and you have voted to change your country forever because of a semi-permanent promise made by some guy who may or may not deliver.

29 Apr, 2013

James McAvoy interview

Elle Magazine interviews McAvoy about almost becoming a priest.

Yeah, I thought I’d give it a buzz. I wanted to be a missionary and work abroad, but girls started to become a bigger part of my life around the time I lost interest in the priesthood.

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