Jan Crouch

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29 Sep, 2015

Meets, prays with religious leaders


Trump meets and prays with about 40 religious leaders and pastors in a two and a half hour  meeting in his Trump Tower office. Copel and,White, and Rabbi Schneider pray for Trump to receive wisdom, stability, and knowledge necessary to pursue this endeavor. Trump talks about his Christian faith, although he admits that he may not have read the Bible as much as the pastors in the room. A few of the ministers ask Trump to tone done what they see as harsh rhetoric. Trump says he is a strong supporter of Israel and that defeating ISIS will be a strong part of his agenda. African-American pastors ask Trump for better outreach to their community. Scott:

He has a very high regard and a very deep respect for men and woman of the cloth…I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room. They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction, and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his candidacy.

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