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10 Nov, 2016

Alvarez unhappy with McGregor late show


Alvarez and McGregor are interviewed by Whitlock. On McGregor being late to the conference:

This is a business. It’s important to be on time. It’s the same thing on the night of the fight. What if he goes in the cage and I sit in the back? If I sit in the back, he has no opponent. There’s no reason for him to be inside that cage.


I’ll chill in there. Sweet. I’ll enjoy the crowd.

30 Jul, 2016

Diaz: The UFC created McGregor


Diaz tells Whitlock that McGregor’s fame is due to the UFC pushing his image.

Well that’s what the UFC did. They pushed his fan base and put all their energy and exposure on him. Like I said, I’ve been fighting a long time. They haven’t been (doing it for me) and they now can’t deny it. Look, they got me up here with you because I beat the guy.

Whitlock 1-on-1: Nate Diaz talks Conor McGregor's celebrity status - 'Speak for Yourself'

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