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11 May, 2015

House panel subpoenas Justice Dept over bank prosecutions

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Hensarling sends the Justice Department and the U.S. Treasury Department subpoenas requesting documents that will help the panel understand whether banks might still be too big to fail and if this affects decisions to prosecute them criminally. The panel is also seeking information from both departments on whether the government retaliated against Standard & Poor’s for its 2011 decision to downgrade the government’s credit rating.

A spokesman for the Treasury department says they are cooperating with the House Committee, but sees the subpoenas as “unfortunate”

16 Jul, 2014

Testifies before Senate Banking Committee

Yellen offers insight into the economy and central bank policy to members of the Senate Banking Committee. Yellen also defends the Fed’s independence as she faces questions from lawmakers interested in limiting the authority of the central bank. Sen. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, chairman of the committee, suggests that weekly discussions between Yellen and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew be publicly disclosed. Yellen opposes the suggestion.

I’m not willing to report, on a weekly basis, private conversations.

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