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27 Jun, 2014

Drops lawsuit

Arrington drops the suit after Allen withdraws her allegations. Both parties disclose that neither of them paid each other any money. Arrington’s lawyer, Eric George:

This is a complete vindication for Michael.

9 May, 2013

Files defamation suit

Files Suit

Arrington files the suit (full text here) against Allen, his former girlfriend, after she accused him of raping and trying to kill her. It said she sought to:

[…] smear the plaintiff’s name on the Internet, to destroy his reputation, and to deter third persons from associating with him.

It alleges that Allen, who lives in San Francisco, was motivated by frustration over their ‘intermittent romantic involvement.’ The amount of damages sought isn’t specified but the figure is over $75,000.

12 Apr, 2013

Tweets accusation

Allen tweets the accusation that she was raped by Arrington:

11 Apr, 2013

Sends letter to Allen

A law firm sends Allen a letter on behalf of Arrington (pdf here), addressing comments she made on Gawker alleging that he raped her and other women:

[…] Nor can there be any question as to your foregoing statements’ defamatory nature. Each such statement purports to describe facts that, if accepted by a reader as true, injure Michael’s reputation so “as to lower him in the estimation of the community or to deter third persons from associating or dealing with him.”

28 Mar, 2013

Facebook accusation

Allen posts an accusation that Arrington threatened and abused her.

Last post on someone i’m completely over. I’ve never been lonelier in my entire life. To all my friends who loved me for who I am – thank you. Power hungry people, I loved Michael Arrington for 8+ years starting when i implemented Eurekster search at the time on Techcrunch in 2006 and throughout the years i didn’t know he cheated on me multiple times, then tells people it was me immediately after he did it. It hurts when you love someone borderline and they can’t feel anything at all for you, and threaten to murder you if you told anyone about the physical abuse – all for keeping his reputation. The emotional abuse was equally bad. On a positive note, it can’t get any worse than this and I can’t get myself of this bed.

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