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15 Aug, 1990

Jennifer Lawrence born in Louisville, Kentucky


Lawrence is born to Karen and Gary Lawrence in Louisville, Kentucky. She has two brothers, Ben and Blaine, whom she is always telling stories about from when the three of them were kids. Her parents have also stated that when she was younger, she used to watch a lot of television, but not as a normal child would, but she would get up on her knees and really study what was happening on the screen. They believe that that was were she honed her skills to become an actress.

In seventh grade, Lawrence was voted as “Most Talkative”.

Jennifer Lawrence's Brothers (Korean sub)


Company Town

Film Appearance

img5075d7c3c99f0Lawrence plays Caitlin in the TV movie pilot, Company Town. She plays the daughter of a government agent, living in a neighborhood with many other government agents and their families. The film is unreleased.

2 Jun, 2006

Graduates High School


jennifer-lawrence-young1In order to pursue acting, Lawrence graduates from Ballard High School two years early with an average GPA of 3.9. Though because of the traveling to and from New York City, she had to take many of her classes online.

21 Jul, 2006


TV Appearance

tumblr_mht5quWVWy1ryejijo2_400Lawrence plays the mascot in an episode of Monk entitled, Mr. Monk and the Big Game. 

It was really exciting, but it is also tied to the most humiliating thing in my entire life… Everybody watched it after I told them that I’m going to have this great huge part, and I was just the Mascot.

18 Mar, 2007

Cold Case

TV Appearance

Lawrence plays Abby Bradford, in an episode of the television show, Cold Case entitled, A Dollar, a Dream. Her character is the daughter of a woman who’s body was found in a lake.

Jennifer Lawrence on TV - Cold Case (2007)

17 Jul, 2007

The Bill Engvall Show

TV Appearance

Lawrence plays Lauren Pearson on the television show, The Bill Engvall Show. Lauren is the daughter of Bill Pearson, a therapist and has two younger brothers. She appears in 31 episodes.

Jennifer Lawrence - Fish Prank! - The Bill Engvall Show - Best of Season 3 Part 3/5

21 Sep, 2007

Not Another High School Show

Film Appearance

download (1)Lawrence appears in the film, Not Another High School Show as a ‘frantic girl.’ The film is a parody of popular teen dramas like, Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, and Laguna Beach. 

30 May, 2008

Garden Party

Film Appearance

tumblr_mdr5h2ovWc1rzx3nwo1_400Lawrence plays Tiff in the film, Garden Party. She is the friend of the main character, April, who turns to Tiff for help when she is facing the threat of homelessness.

20 Jun, 2008

The Poker House

Film Appearance

Lawrence stars in the film, The Poker House as a girl named Agnes. She plays the daughter of a prostitute and tries desperately to lead a normal life herself while being pushed away by her mother for reasons that she doesn’t understand.

Jennifer Lawrence singing in the movie The Poker House with Chloe Moretz

27 Oct, 2008

The Burning Plain

Film Appearance

The-Burning-Plain-2008-DVD-screencaptures-jennifer-lawrence-20336378-1280-720Lawrence stars in the film, The Burning Plain, as Mariana.  The film chronicles the relationship of a mother and daughter which ultimately ends when Lawrence’s character accidentally blows up a trailer that her mother is inside. The film then follows her life after that incident.

17 Sep, 2010

Winter’s Bone

Film Appearance

Lawrence stars in the film Winter’s Bone as Ree, a girl trying to hunt down her father and keep her family together. The role was very important to Lawrence:

I’d have walked on hot coals to get the part. I thought it was the best female role I’d read – ever. I was so impressed by Ree’s tenacity and that she didn’t take no for an answer. For the audition, I had to fly on the redeye to New York and be as ugly as possible. I didn’t wash my hair for a week, I had no makeup on. I looked beat up in there. I think I had icicles hanging from my eyebrows.

WINTER'S BONE - Official US Theatrical Trailer in HD

25 Jan, 2011

Oscar nomination

Lawrence is nominated for Best Actress at the 83rd Academy Awards for portraying Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone.

I didn’t really feel anything at first and then when I was looking at the TV and I heard my name and saw my face on the television screen, I just kind of snapped. All my friends and family started jumping up around me and started screaming so I followed suit and started screaming.

Academy Award Nominations 2011

27 Jan, 2011

Like Crazy

Film Appearance
Jennifer-Lawrence---Like-Crazy-jpgLawrence plays Sam in the film, Like Crazy. The film is about a couple who fall in love while in college, but after graduating, they get separated. Lawrence plays the girl that come after the college romance. Co-star, Anton Yelchin, had the following to say about Lawrence’s performance:

I’ve watched her do two characters that are different, but they both have Jen in them, which is dignified. Even if they’re broken, they’re never weak.

1 May, 2011

Teen Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

cosl-2011-05-coverLawrence appears on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She talks about getting the role of Katniss, filming X-men First Class, and being a good girl.

Sometimes I get anxiety about not staying up late enough. I’m not the one in the corner, but if anyone was like, ‘I want to go home and watch The Big Lebowski,’ I’d be right there with my hand up.

16 May, 2011

Elle Magazine interview


Lawrence gives interview to Elle about her role as Mystique and her exercise routine for the role.

I knew that if I was going to be naked in front of the world, I wanted to look like a woman and not a prepubescent 13-year-old boy. I’m so sick of people thinking that’s what we’re supposed to look like.

19 May, 2011

The Beaver

Film Appearance

In the dark comedy, The Beaver, Lawrence plays Norah. The film is about a depressed man who is kicked out by his wife and only communicating with people through a beaver puppet. Lawrence’s character is a street artist whose brother has passed away.

The Beaver movie clip of Jennifer Lawrence

1 Jun, 2011

Flare cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-flare-magazineLawrence appears on the cover of the June 2011 issue of Flare magazine. She talks about being a wild child, her athletic build, and Oscar parties.

I went to the Vanity Fair [Oscar] party for a cool 15 minutes. And then I took off. I’m like a little old lady. I’m always tired around midnight! I mean, it was cool to see Elton John, and I met Billy Crystal, which was amazing, but yeah, I’m mostly just kind of uncomfortable.

3 Jun, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Film Appearance

Lawrence plays Raven (a.k.a. Mystique) in the film, X-Men: First Class. Along with other mutants, she is charged with the task of preventing World War III:

There was no CG for me. It’s the same technology and the same methods they were using on Rebecca Romijn, the original Mystique ten years ago. I know everybody feels sorry for me, but we’re having so much fun. It’s like a sleepover, except I’m naked and being painted.

X-Men: First Class "Mystique" TV Spot Official (HD)

1 Mar, 2012

Parade cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-paradeLawrence appears on the cover of a March 2012 issue of Parade magazine. She talks about why she thinks people relate to The Hunger Games books and being on the brink of stardom.

I’ve never played a part this famous. It’s insane to get recognized from a movie that hasn’t been released yet. That’s just bizarre. And scary.

23 Mar, 2012

The Hunger Games

Film Appearance

Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, in the futuristic, dystopian film, The Hunger Games. In order to save her sister’s life, Lawrence’s character volunteers to participate in the deadly televised, Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games - Jennifer Lawrence Interview (2012) HD Movie

1 Apr, 2012

Seventeen cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-seventeenLawrence appears on the cover of the April 2012 issue of Seventeen magazine. She talks about her Hunger Games co-stars and whether she is team Peeta or team Gale.

I think I was Gale until he started getting a little too trigger-happy . . . or maybe first Peeta and then Gale or Gale, then Peeta? I went back and forth. I flip-flopped.

Glamour cover

Magazine Cover

0301-jennifer-lawrence-glamour-april-2012-cover_atLawrence appears on the cover of the April 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. She talks about her life being a famous actress.

In some ways, it’s a hard life, but it’s a great professional life. I’m doing what I love, and then I get months and months of rest. I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old. I can’t stand it when actors complain.

Interview Germany cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-interview-germanLawrence appears on the cover of the April 2012 issue of Interview Germany magazine. She talks about pop culture personalities, what she wants to do with her first real check, and her fear of ghosts.

I’m scared of ghosts. Just yesterday when I moved into a new room at the hotel, I was deeply convinced, that I shouldn’t wash my face, because if I would look into the mirror, I would actually see a ghost.

Glamour UK cover

Magazine Cover

Glamour-A-April12_gl_28feb12_PR_btLawrence appears on the cover of the April 2012 issue of Glamour UK magazine. She talks about British men, kissing co-stars, and body confidence.

British men have these wonderful manners, and everything they say is funnier, just because of accent.

1 Oct, 2012

W cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-w-magazineLawrence appears on the cover of the October 2012 issue of W magazine. She talks about trying to keep her Hunger Games role a secret, dancing before Silver Linings Playbook, and life in Hollywood.

Sadly, I cannot live in Los Angeles anymore. I don’t understand how actors can do it. You have no life here. You are followed everywhere. It’s not like that anywhere else in the world. I don’t want to stay in L.A. and start thinking that’s reality— because it’s very far from normal. But I still love movies. I’m just going to love being in them from Kentucky, or Prague, or somewhere else.

1 Dec, 2012

Elle cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-elle-december-2012Lawrence appears on the cover of the December 2012 issue of Elle magazine. She talks about her boyfriend, not starving herself for a role, and not living extravagantly.

Ten million dollars and I’m still living in my parents’ condo…I’ve always lived in a tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself.

10 Jan, 2013

Oscar nomination

Lawrence is nominated for Best Actress at the 85th Academy Awards for portraying Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook.

I’m so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented actresses.

Oscars Nominations 2013

1 Feb, 2013

Backstage cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-backstage-magLawrence appears on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Backstage magazine. She talks about meeting Lena Dunham, experiencing award season with a cast, and landing roles after auditions.

Being offered a part is very nice, but there’s something about feeling like you really went in there and earned it. Then in times of doubt, you know they saw something in you and hired you for a reason. Because I have many moments of doubt, and that’s always been very helpful.

Vanity Fair cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-vanity-fair-february-2013Lawrence appears on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. She talks about playing Katniss, walking the red carpet, auditioning for her first role.

I read the script, and it was the first time I had that feeling like I understand this. This is the first time I’ve ever understood anything. I was 14. And my brothers were star athletes. And one of them was a straight-A student. I always felt like I sucked at everything, that I could never find the thing that I liked. I auditioned and I probably sucked, but I had decided 100 percent that this is what I wanted to do.

24 Feb, 2013

Wins Oscar

Lawrence wins an Oscar for her performance in the film, Silver Linings Playbook. This is her first award, but second nomination (the previous being for the film Winter Bone.)  She speaks of tripping on the stairs up to the podium:

What went through my mind when I fell down? A… a bad word… that I can’t say. It starts with ‘F’.

Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress: 2013 Oscars

24 Mar, 2013

Fabulous cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-fabulous-ukLawrence appears on the cover of a March 2013 issue of Fabulous magazine. She talks about what scares her, fame not changing her personality, and not going overboard with her spending.

I just constantly feel so lucky, that I don’t really have time to feel cocky. I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though you have a lot of it. That’s why mini-bars are difficult, because it’s like yes, I can afford a $6 Snickers bar, but there’s just something wrong with that! I still drive my same car I’ve been driving for a long time and I haven’t bought a house yet.

29 Apr, 2013

Time cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-times-100-most-influential-peopleLawrence appears on one of 5 covers of a April 2013 issue of Time magazine. Jodie Foster talks about Lawrence in the magazine.

You’ll remember where you were when you first felt it, how you were stuck to one spot like a small animal considering its end. The Jennifer Lawrence Stare. It cuts a searing swath in your gut. A reckoning. I remember going to the cutting rooms of Winter’s Bone. I thought, Sure, this girl can act. But, man, this girl can also just be.

1 Sep, 2013

Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-vogue-september-2013Lawrence appears on the cover of the September 2013 issue of Vogue magazine. She talks about choosing to do The Hunger Games, paparazzi, and deciding to be an actress.

I know it sounds so stupid, but it was kind of like I finally found something people were telling me I was good at, which I had never heard, ever. And that was a big reason why my parents let me do this. One time, my mom was on the phone with my dad, saying, ‘We’re paying for therapy and all this medication, and we don’t need it when she’s here. She’s happy.’

1 Nov, 2013

Harper’s Bazaar UK cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-harpers-bazaar-uk-november-2013Lawrence appears on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine. She talks about getting criticism for her 2013 Oscars speech, being called fat, and on set catering.

My bodyguard Gilbert, right before they call ‘action,’ I’m like, ‘If there aren’t Cheez-Its here by the time they call cut, just go home.’ And he’ll start running. It cracks me up how seriously he takes it …. It’s not my performance that is motivating me. I want to get the on-set catering.

22 Nov, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Film Appearance

Lawrence reprises her role as Katniss Everdeen in this sequel directed by Francis Lawrence. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark win the 74th Hunger Games and become symbols for revolution, so winners of the previous Hunger Games are assembled for the 75th Hunger Games, known as the Quarter Quell, to bring them back into the ring. Co-starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Donald Sutherland.

After The Hunger Games, Katniss has moved into a house, she’s a Victor now, and she’s trying to get her life back together. She’s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress and her life is very different now because she goes home to the people who she knows and they don’t really know her any more. There’s a certain side of her that really only Peeta knows at the point, and she’s always felt there’s a side of her that Gayle only really knows because of her history, and now her life is so different and she’s just trying to piece it together before she finds out she has to go back.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Official Theatrical Trailer (2013) HD

1 Dec, 2013

In Style cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-covers-instyle-december-2013Lawrence appears on the cover of the December 2013 issue of In Style magazine. She talks about accepting the role of Katniss, exercising, and life after The Hunger Games.

It did kind of scare of me when I first was offered the part. The more somebody recognizes me, the less I’m going to be able to lose myself in any other characters. But then I started to think differently. It’s not as scary when it’s a character you love, who is impressive and honorable.

19 Dec, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence interview


Lawrence returns as a guest on Conan to promote American Hustle. She talks about her fantasy job and accidental stash of sex toys. She also tells O’Brien about her childhood nickname and bed-wetting as a teenager.

I was unstoppably and uncontrollably hyper, which of course, isn’t happening now. I’m not proud of it. But yeah, I couldn’t be stopped by medication or anything. It didn’t even make a dent. I was just unbelievably hyper and so they started calling me “nitroglycerine”, which was shortened to “Nitro”.

Jennifer Lawrence Wet The Bed At Age 13

7 Jan, 2014

W magazine cover

Magazine Cover

1389102815_jennifer-lawrence-articleLawrence appears on the cover of the February 2014 issue of W magazine. She is featured in an article about the six actors who made the biggest impression this year.

16 Jan, 2014

Oscar nomination

Lawrence is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 86th Academy Awards for portraying Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle. She speaks on the furor surrounding the nominations:

It has been a bit of a blessing to be away, and not really aware of what has been going on. It actually has been really nice.

Oscar Nominations 2014

28 Jan, 2014

Empire cover

Magazine Cover

1390941134_jennifer-lawrence-articleLawrence appears on cover of the March 2014 issue of Empire magazine. She is dressed up as her X-men character, Mystique, on the cover.

1 Jun, 2014

Marie Claire cover

Magazine Cover

jennifer-lawrence-marie-claire-june-2014Lawrence appears on the cover of the June 2014 issue of Marie Claire magazine. She talks about maintaining her relationship, rumors that she’s jealous of Kristen Stewart, and tripping on the red carpet.

I’m trying to do the right thing, waving to fans, trying to be nice, and there’s a traffic cone. The second I hit it, I was laughing, but on the inside I was like, ‘You’re f*cked. They’re totally going to think this is an act…’But trust me if I was going to plan it, I would have done it at the Golden Globes or the SAGs. I would have never done it at two Oscars in a row. I watch Homeland – I’m craftier than that!

1 Aug, 2014

Lawrence, Hoult break up

Lawrence and Hoult split up for the second time due to their difficult schedules.

They just weren’t together a lot, her life is a whirlwind. They have gotten back together before, it just got to be too hard for now.

31 Aug, 2014

Nude photos leaked

Lawrence nude photos are leaked after her phone was hacked into. Rep:

This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

16 Sep, 2014

Dior ad campaign

Jennifer-Lawrence-new-Dior-bag-Miss-Dior-Fall-2014-ad-21-640x860Lawrence appears in an ad campaign for DiorDior also releases a behind the scenes video of Lawrence’s photo shoot.

A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind and also knows how to get what she wants.

20 Sep, 2014

Martin, Lawrence dating

Lawrence andMartin are seeing each other according to multiple sources. The pair are spending time together since late June after the Oscar winner split with her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult. Source:

Jen has made a few visits to his Malibu house. Chris seems very respectful of Gwyneth and feels more comfortable spending time with Jen away from his family.

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