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25 Apr, 2007

Ten Inch Hero

Film Appearance

Ten-Inch-Hero-Screencaps-jensen-ackles-27382628-1280-720Ackles plays the quirky Priestly in the film, Ten Inch Hero.  His character is known for dressing in graphic tees that say things like, “Save a tree, eat a beaver” or “I sell crack for the CIA.” He’s also known for his nonconformity when it comes to his hair. Ackles says that the role was very fun to play, and the hair was part of the reason:

They wanted the Mohawk and they actually, uh, tested extensions in my hair. They were gonna make it like a, you know, a foot tall Mohawk [with extensions]. I’m so glad I didn’t have to wear those things.

31 May, 2005


Film Appearance

Ackles stars as Jake Gray in the film Devour. The film is about a group of three college kids who decide to play an overly interactive video game. At first, the game seems to just have a knack for knowing what the players are thinking, but soon it all turns deadly and supernatural forces come to light.

22 Sep, 2004


TV Appearance

S4e21-JTeagueAckles plays Jason Teague on the television show, Smallville. The show is about a teenage Clark Kent and his struggles with harnessing his powers and using them for good. Ackles’ character has his own problems which include his mother plotting to kill his girlfriend and using him to get close to her. The first episode that Ackles appears on is entitled, Crusade.

17 Apr, 2004

The Plight of the Clownana

Film Appearance

Ackles appears in the short, The Plight of the Clownana, as himself. The short is about a competition between two store mascots which ends with them coming together to fight off the handsome Hollywood actors, after one of the mascots loses it’s temper and pulls one of the actors out of their vehicle.


Still Life

TV Appearance

Ackles plays Max Morgan in the television show, Still Life. His character is the son of a murdered cop who has to find a way to carry on day to day life after the tragic incident along with the rest of his family. The show does not picks up much steam with audiences, and only aired for one season. The first episode that Ackles appears in is entitled, Caught.

Jensen Ackles - Still Life Preview

13 May, 2001


TV Appearance

In the tv mini-series, Blonde, Ackles plays Eddie. The film is a fictional retelling of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Ackles character plays the friend of Marilyn and her boyfriend.

Jensen Ackles in Blonde

24 Apr, 2001

Dark Angel

TV Appearance

Ackles plays two characters on the television show, Dark Angel. He plays, Alec (a.k.a X5-494,) and Alec’s twin, Ben. The first character he played was Alec, which was the residential bad-boy of the show. He was meant to be more rebellious and morally corrupt than the other characters. The first episode that Ackles appears in is called, Pollo Loco

Jensen ackles interview

23 Sep, 1996

Mr. Rhodes

TV Appearance

downloadAckles plays Malcom in the television show, Mr. Rhodes. The show is about a writer who is in need of a steady income, so he takes a job at his old prep school as a teacher. Ackles plays the reoccurring role of one of the students in Mr. Rhodes’ class. The first episode his character appears in is The Christmas Show

21 May, 1996

Sweet Valley High

TV Appearance

jensen_in_sweet_valley_high_by_supernaturalbabe-d31r9gmAckles plays a character named Brad on the television show, Sweet Valley High. In the episode, All Along the Water Tower, He plays the love interest of the main character and together, they act out the love story of their favorite book.


TV Appearance

Ackles appears in an episode of the children’s television show, Wishbone. The show is about a talking dog who solves mysteries. Ackles’ character, Michael Duss, appears in the episodes entitled, Viva Wishbone!

Jensen Ackles on Wishbone



tumblr_lwoqjbUf2P1qclcw2o1_500At age four, Ackles starts modeling. He continues to model until he is eighteen.

When I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies as they could and pasted them up all over school.

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