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13 Jan, 2012

The Iron Lady

Film Appearance

Broadbent plays Denis Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher’s husband, in this biographical drama directed by Phyllida Lloyd. An elderly Margaret Thatcher, struggling with dementia, narrates her life story by sharing memories with the imagined presence of her deceased husband. Thatcher’s life unfold from girlhood to her years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Co-starring Meryl Streep.

I’m nothing like Denis, physically. It’s much easier for Meryl to look like Maggie Thatcher than it is for me to look like Denis! I quite liked getting the hair right and the teeth right. But I still don’t look like Denis! It’s helpful for me to make that journey to get a bit of distance from myself and try to get under his skin a bit.

The Iron Lady - Official Trailer [HD]

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