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25 Jul, 2015

Dylan’s guitar returns to Newport Folk Festival

The guitar Dylan played at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival is returning from Irsay’s collection to this year’s festival, where it will be played by Isbell. The instrument was left on a plane by Dylan after the concert. After unsuccessfully trying to return it to Dylan, the pilot gave it to his daughter, who auctioned it off. Irsay bought the instrument for almost a million dollars (at the time the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction) in 2013.Irsay collection curator:

It’s actually a good playing guitar. It is such an important part of musical history, and Dylan was our generation’s Shakespeare, so it’s our way to give back and share.

2 Sep, 2014

Pleads guilty to misdemeanor

Irsay pleads guilty to one misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and will receive one year of probation in which he will be subject to drug tests.  The NFL is also expected to discipline Irsay.

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