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25 Jul, 2008

Step Brothers

Film Appearance

McKay co-writes (with Ferrell) and directs this comedy about two middle-aged men who become roommates when their parents get married. Ferrell stars as Brennan Huff, while Reilly appears as Dale Doback. Ferrell explains his approach to his character:

Well, it’s not far from my current status. I just tried remembering back to those feelings when you felt awkward and shy in adolescence. One of those things about being an actor is that we don’t have to fully grow up in a way.

The film is made with an estimated budget of $65,000 and makes $30,940,732 in its opening weekend.

Watch the trailer for STEP BROTHERS

6 Nov, 2007

Elle Magazine interview


Reilly gives interview to Elle Magazine about sex advice from his dad.

My family was too Catholic to actually talk about embarrassing stuff like that. Even with my parents, there was none of this Let’s have the talk. I was just turned loose in my neighborhood and figured it out by finding rain-soaked Playboys behind the liquor store. But my dad did give me what was honestly the best advice I ever got. He said, Look, it’s just as hard, if not harder, to do the wrong thing as to do the right thing. So save yourself the energy, and do the right thing in the first place.

9 Jun, 2006

A Prairie Home Companion

Film Appearance

Reilly plays Lefty, a singing cowboy, in this musical drama directed by Robert Altman. America’s most celebrated radio show broadcasts its last program as their regular performers hold court in the studio. Co-starring Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Lindsay Lohan and Woody Harrelson.

I have to say, given the two old men of the sea … I think with age there comes a certain amount of, I don’t know, you’re used to being the center of your universe. It tends to inflate your ego, but I was amazed at how easily they ceded territory to each other. Bob, for the most part, because of the physical part of the production, was out in the audience most of the time, unless we were (filming) backstage. And Garrison, for the most part, was sitting up there on the stage with us the way he does on the real radio show.

Prairie Home Companion - Trailer

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