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17 Jan, 2012

Elle Magazine interview


Goodman gives an interview to Elle about what it was like living in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen in the 70s.

We had junkies on 52nd and Ninth doing their junkie dance. My bathroom was in the hallway. I’d find needles, cooked bottle caps accouterments in the toilet. My bathtub was in the kitchen. I hand-rigged a shower in it. It wasn’t exactly Hef’s mansion, but if the pressure built up enough, it served.

8 Jul, 2010

Emmy nomination


Goodman is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards for portraying Neal Nicol on You Don’t Know Jack.

It’s honor enough to be able to work with Al, Barry, Susan and Brenda. WOW.

Primetime Emmy Nominations 2010

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