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19 Sep, 2014

John Mellencamp interview


Esquire interviews Mellencamp about his evolution as an artist over the years.

Well, you’re right. And there’s been such a paradigm change in our culture. Music actually meant something when I started doing it. Too bad I wasn’t mature enough to write anything that meant anything [laughs]. I wrote some songs that connected with some people and, as a friend of mine said, “John was very fortunate to be a big pop star and that’s also a very unfortunate thing.” As early as ’88 I wrote a song called “Pop Singer,” and man, did I catch shit for that. But I was still a kid. I don’t mean to call you a kid, but you’ll find out that you get to be a certain age and it’s like “This stuff just doesn’t interest me anymore.” I mean, I can’t even imagine writing a song like “Hurts So Good.” I don’t even know who that guy was who wrote that song.

20 Aug, 2014

Ryan, Mellencamp break up

Ryan and Mellencamp break up after dating for three years. They broke up because Mellencamp lives in Indiana and Ryan lives in New York. A source says:

The distance got to be too much.

23 Feb, 1983

Wins Grammy


Mellencamp wins the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male for Hurts So Good. 

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