Johnny Marr

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1 Oct, 2014

The Talks interview


Marr gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses being restless and the role of friendship when being in a band.

The situation when I’ve been in bands has almost been the opposite of what people thought for many years. People think that it was casual or that it was a career move, when in fact, it was 90% based on a belief or a bond with the other band members, a belief that we were on some kind of mission. My relationship with Matt Johnson and my role in The The was as a companion on the mission, really. Same with Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse. I wasn’t sitting outside the building in a limousine on the phone with my manager; I really got in there. Same with The Cribs. So, I have to have a really strong partnership with someone to actually be in the band, otherwise I’d just make a record and then split.

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