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22 Jul, 2014

Becomes fifth President


Indonesia’s elections commission, the KPU, announces that Widodo will be the country’s fifth democratically elected president. KPU Decision no. 536, Year 2014:

Candidate Pairing No. 2,  Ir. H. Joko Widodo and Drs. H. M. Jusuf Kalla, with 70,997,833 (seventy million, nine hundred and ninety seven million eight hundred and thirty three) votes, or 53.15% of valid national votes […] are declared President-elect and Vice President-elect for the 2014-2019 period.

Widodo will lead the world’s third-largest democracy, and the victory is in line with predictions ahead of the official count that Widodo had defeated Subianto. Widodo wins by approximately eight million votes as voter turnout reaches almost 70% nationwide. Subianto appears to withdraw his candidacy, later stating that he needs more time to address alleged ballot irregularities and decide whether to challenge the poll result at the Constitutional Court.