Jonathan V. Marshall

Jonathan V. Marshall1 post
27 Oct, 1985

Pollard boasted of working for Israeli Intelligence

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Marshall, a friend of Pollard’s and co-graduate from Stanford, says that Pollard bragged about working for Israeli Intelligence, although his claims seemed contradictory. Pollard claimed frequently to be a colonel in the Israeli military and to have worked for Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency. However, while still in college, Pollard also said he was a captain in the Mossad.

That discrepancy indicated he wasn’t telling the truth all the time. [He] was unusually well-informed and quite articulate and made what might otherwise have been an outlandish series of claims quite convincing.

Marshall says he concluded at the time that Mr. Pollard might indeed have some connections with Israeli intelligence but that he probably had ”embroidered” his role. He also says Pollard was ”a committed Zionist, but fairly liberal” on certain questions of Middle East politics.

He described himself as part of an Israeli officers’ group that favored more open channels of communication with Egypt.

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