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15 May, 2012

Adalaide Marie Hope Kelly adopted

Adalaide HopeHeigl and Kelley adopt another girl by the name of Adalaide Marie Hope.

Yeah, it’s perfect timing … we’re both here, we’re not working, this is great because we can spend time with her. And it actually has been beautifully serendipitous and graceful because we’ve gotten to spend all this wonderful time with her.

9 Sep, 2009

Heigl, Kelley adopting

Heigl and Kelley adopt a ten month old girl. Their daughter was born in Korea and is a special needs child. They name her Naleigh.

She was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign. I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life.

23 Dec, 2007

Heigl, Kelley marry


heigl1Heigl and Kelley tie the knot in Park City, Utah. Their nuptials last about 30 minutes in an area surrounded by white flowers and white candles. Heigl walks down the aisle in a custom-made, ivory silk Oscar de la Renta gown and her bridesmaids wear red. The bride and groom write their own vows.

It’s about showing someone you love that you’re actually capable of the ultimate commitment.

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