Julian Dalby

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1 Sep, 2016

McGregor ‘can be in peak form by UFC 205’


Dalby talks about McGregor’s training and recovery.

The basic problem with Conor is that he is a man obsessed. If he is left to his own devices, he will self-destruct. He will train himself into oblivion. And that’s what he had been doing in the past. He had been over-training to the point that he would make himself ill and then he would take time off…The end justifies it all. The fact is, he went a hard, hard five rounds and he won at the end of the five rounds…The man is capable of going a hard 29 minutes. His fitness level is exceptional now. You can see how quickly he can recover in the one minute between rounds, he comes back up fresh again [at the beginning of each new round]…He can be in peak form for November. There are a lot of variables there. I mean it’s up to what Dana White wants him to do, it’s up to whether any of the other contenders want the fight. But from a medical standpoint, there is absolutely no reason why he can’t fight in November. It’s more down to the logistics of it, from the UFC and the other fighters, nothing to do with his health or conditioning…I would like to see him fight [Jose] Aldo. There is some unfinished business that’s going on there.

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