Julianna Pena

Julianna Pena1 post
31 Jan, 2017

Pena: Rousey threatened to sue sparring partners ‘for a million dollars’


Pena says Rousey threatened to sue her sparring partners if any of them leaked information about her training methods, and also has a clause blocking her partners from hitting her during the training sessions.

She’s not allowed to get hit in sparring. These girls have to sign these waivers to say that ‘We never hit Ronda, and we’ll never talk about this type of training ever and all this stuff, you know? She’s not really taking the toll in the fight camp of getting punched in the face legitimately so she doesn’t really know what that feels like. She’s a superstar and they don’t want to see her get any damage. So, it’s like whenever the girls would go hard on her, whenever they’d come forward and start banging it out on her, they’d tell them, ‘Hey. Knock it off. Stop it. Don’t hit her so hard and then sign this waiver and say that you were never here and that you never punched her. Don’t ever talk about how well you did in training and stuff like that because you have to sign this dotted line or else we’ll sue you for a million dollars.

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