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5 Mar, 2010

WWE.com interview


Gabriel talks to WWE.com about NXT, his favorite wrestlers since childhood and African wrestling being different from American wrestling.

It’s very different. I think the USA is different from anywhere else in the world in fact. You know, South Africa is still a developing country, so we’re a bit behind in terms of the characters, but there’s still a huge variety of in-ring styles. There are so many big guys out there — I’m probably one of the smallest ever — but there are still quite a few high-flyers.

3 Mar, 1981

Justin Gabriel born in Cape Town, South Africa


Gabriel is born in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the son of professional wrestler, Pink Panther (Paul Lloyd). He develops an early interest in wrestling, often practicing in his father’s training rings in their backyard. He makes his professional wrestling debut at age 16.

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