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28 Oct, 2011

In Time

Film Appearance

Timberlake stars in the lead role of the science fiction film which depicts a world where people must borrow, buy, or steal time in order to live past age 25. In an exclusive interview with Hey U Guys.co.uk, Timberlake talks about the similarities between himself and his character, Will:

I think you always find a little bit of yourself in the characters you play, even if you’re playing the bad guy. No one thinks they’re the bad guys. Everyone wakes up and they’re the lead character in their own movie. I mean, where not like “Oh well, I’m Captain Hook!” We all think we’re Peter Pan!

Official In Time Trailer [HD]

20 Jun, 2011

Bad Teacher

Film Appearance

Timberlake plays a substitute teacher in the comedy film starring alongside Cameron Diaz, Lucy Punch, and Jason Segal. On the song he performs during the movie, Timberlake says:

It’s pretty obvious that I put my body on the line for comedy, so why not my voice? Honestly, the lyrics were the screenwriters’, and I just tried to create the most terrible melody that I could. It had to be so bad that they could not market it in the trailer. It’s really just an extension of the character. It was a total collaboration between me, the writers and the director.

Bad Teacher- Trailer

1 Jan, 2010

The Social Network

Film Appearance

Timberlake portrays Napster founder Sean Parker in a movie about the creation of Facebook. The film is based on the book The Accidental Billionares. On working with director David Fincher Timberlake says:

He is one of the most brave directors you could ever be lucky enough to work with. But, I’ll say this as well: he does not get bored easily. And when I say easily, I mean at all. Every take he would find something that was so specific. There was no question in your mind what he was trying to get you to accomplish, what he wanted to see through your character. I’ve never seen someone so hyper-smart and multitasking.

Watch Justin Timberlake in a clip from The Social Network

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