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18 Sep, 2014

Says Auburn knew signals

Kansas State Head Football Coach Snyder credits Auburn’s first half success to Auburn knowing Kansas State’s sideline signals. Kansas State switches signals in second half. Auburn wins game 20-14. ESPN reporter Samantha Ponder on Snyder’s halftime comments:

He said, ‘they’re getting our signals. We’ve got to do a better job disguising them.

21 Mar, 2011

Mike & Mike in the Morning interview


Ryan speaks about defeating Kansas State in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:

Well I think our schedule that we played during the year, guys, prepared us for moments like that. It’s one of those things where you can’t change who you are. You’ve got to go to your strengths, you’ve got to play it out, and we had some guys hit some big shots. Even though Jordan Taylor struggled with his shooting accuracy needless to say — he was 2-for-16, I think that qualifies as struggling — we were able to find some other guys to get it done. And we did it with our defense and we did it with our free throws.

16 Nov, 2010

WHB in Kansas City interview


Martin talks about an upcoming game against Virginia Tech:

I don’t know if I’m enjoying just getting dropped right in the middle of a volcano here, but it is what it is. We’ve got a young team and we expected certain things to be a little differently at this time of the year, but unfortunately they’re not and it is what it is. We’re going to light up and it’s going to be a great challenge for our guys.

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