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14 Mar, 1883

Karl Marx dies age 64


Karl Marx dies in London of bronchitis, while sitting in his armchair. He is exiled from much of Europe, and greatly saddened by the recent loss of his daughter. He dies screaming at his maid, who asks him if he has any last words.

Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough!

5 May, 1818

Karl Marx born in Trier, Germany


Marx is born to Jewish lawyer Heinrich Marx and Henriette Marx in Germany. He is the third of nine children, however due to the death of his brother he is the oldest son by the time he begins schooling. He excels in his schooling, particularly enjoying literature and poetry. Marx’s close friend Friedrich Engels says that in schooling, he has a gleeful love of discovery.

However great the joy with which he welcomes a new discovery in some theoretical science whose practical application perhaps it was as yet quite impossible to envisage, he experiences quite another kind of joy when the discovery involved immediate change.

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