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12 Nov, 2015

Criticizes WSJ, Rove

Makes Statement

The WSJ criticizes his trade comments at the debate:

Start with trade, which showcased Donald Trump. “I love trade. I’m a free trader, 100%,” said the businessman, after declaring that he opposed the only free-trade deal currently on offer, the U.S. agreement with 11 other Pacific nations. Mr. Trump called it a “terrible deal,” though it wasn’t obvious that he has any idea what’s in it. His one specific criticism was its failure to deal with Chinese currency manipulation. But it took Rand Paul to point out that China isn’t part of the deal and would be happy if the agreement collapsed so the U.S. would have less economic influence in Asia.

Trump responds:

Trump also responds to an editorial by Rove in the same paper, that said he lost the debate, by calling Rove a “biased dummy” and a “dope”:

Rove responds:

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