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Ken Shamrock

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Ken Shamrock is a former mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his time with UFC and WWE.

15 Dec, 2014

Submission Radio interview


Shamrock is a guest on Submission Radio to discuss CM Punk’s upcoming UFC debut.

If I was training him, I would put my reputation on it. Especially if he’s getting the right fighter, somebody of his calibre that doesn’t have five fights or ten fights as a pro. If you’re going to give him somebody that’s around his calibre 1-0, 2-1, something where it’s reasonable. Especially with what I know about his background and what he’s done before he became a pro wrestler, with his collegiate career and stuff like that – I would put my reputation on it that I could get this guy to win his first fight.

2 Nov, 2014

NotInHallofFame.com interview


Shamrock talks the current WWE product and feeling he should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

I do feel that I definitely deserve to be in their Hall of Fame based on the things that I did while I was there, being able to change that sport along with other people. I feel I earned that right based on what I was able to do there in a small amount of time. I’m not sure that I can stand here and boast about that. The fans are the ones that really tell the tale and I think they speak very loudly about where I stand in pro wrestling. I don’t think that there are too many people who would tell you that I don’t deserve to be there.

13 Apr, 2014

The Roman Show interview


Shamrock talks about his first matches in WWE:

I was in Gene Anderson’s organization and WWF came to town they brought me in for three house shows. I worked two matches with Barry Horowitz and one with Mega Man. The two with Barry were good and the one with Mega Man was a horrible match. I went to the locker room, they told me ‘don’t worry about it, that guy is as green as you are.

21 Jan, 2014

TheWrestlingMania.com interview


Shamrock speaks to TheWrestlingMania.com about his run in WWE and the possibility of returning in the future.

First of all, I want people to realise that it is hard to see all the old stars come back to Hall of Fame stuff and me not be included in all these things. I accomplished more than anyone in 2 years at WWF and I was part of one of the biggest match that started the attitude era with Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold. That match changed wrestling to what it is today.

28 Oct, 2013

WGD Weekly interview


Shamrock talks to WGD Weekly about being black balled by WWE and what he thinks of Triple H.

I’d like to clarify that. There was a guy named Mark Henry, a strong man. He was in the locker room and there were a few guys involved. Hunter was one of them that put s–t in his sandwich and I told him. So, I think Hunter didn’t like me for that and I think Hunter didn’t like me for the fact that when I first came in Vince put me over on him.

27 Mar, 2013

Ring Rust Radio interview


Shamrock discusses a possible return to WWE:

Oh, definitely. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’ve been hitting some walls. I’m not sure if my messages are getting through or not. In my career, if you follow my career and watched everything that I’ve ever done from the time I was in high school to where I’m at now, I’ve always been able to reach the pinnacle. In football, I was able to win championships and go to bowl games in college, be an All-American linebacker and there were a lot of things I was able to accomplish. In my professional career, every time I jumped into an organization, I always reached the top and the title.

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