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23 Sep, 2015

Will not be prosecuted

Drops Case

The L.A. County D.A.’s Office says that Jenner was negligent, but not criminal and will not be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter in February’s fatal PCH car crash. However, sources say that The D.A. can ignore the conclusions and go forward by filing criminal charges anyway, although it is seen as unlikely.

1 May, 2015

Wrongful death suit

Files Suit

Jenner is sued by the stepchildren of Howe, who claim Jenner was ‘careless and negligent’ when he rear-ended her car, causing it to crash into another car, leading to her death in February. A source close to the investigation claims Jenner only had insurance coverage up to $250,000 at the time of the accident.

18 Feb, 2015

Bus video: Jenner rear-ended cars

Car Crash

Detectives for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are using video recovered from a mass transit bus driving in the opposite direction as Jenner as a part of their crash investigation. Law enforcement source:

(Investigators) do have a videotape from a bus.

Unidentified sources tell TMZ the video clearly shows Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade rear-ending Howe’s white Lexus and sending it into the path of an oncoming Hummer, without Howe ever touching the Prius lined up in front of her. Jenner then plows into the Prius before coming to a stop. Law enforcement source says it is a “leading possibility” that Jenner hit both cars in front of him.

10 Feb, 2015

Car crash statement

Makes Statement

Jenner releases statement regarding the crash.

My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. It is a devastating tragedy, and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them. I will continue to cooperate in every way possible.

7 Feb, 2015

Fatal car crash

Car Crash

car crashJenner’s Cadillac Escalade rear ends a Lexus on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, causing it to veer into oncoming traffic where it is hit by a Hummer. The driver of the Lexus dies at the scene. Witness:

Bruce seemed physically okay after the accident, but he acted extremely concerned about the other people involved. There was one fatality and several other people were injured. Bruce walked around the accident scene without obvious injuries, but his car was damaged.

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