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10 Apr, 2014

Rolling Stone cover

Magazine Cover

27kdtr2r965wrtr7The current members of KISS appear on the cover of the first April 2014 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In the magazine, there is a cover interview with Simmons about the other members of the band.

We’ve always seen each other as brothers. What we seem to be at odds at is how you treat your brother. Gene’s priority, by far, has always been himself. And he’s not one to let anyone else’s feelings or contributions get in the way.

20 May, 1979

I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Single Release

The band releases I Was Made For Lovin’ You , from Dynasty. Child:

In 1979 I co-wrote I Was Made for Loving You with Paul Stanley of Kiss. This is a band that didn’t do that much outside writing. But Paul and Gene wrote songs together, then on their own they wrote songs, and then they put those songs together, and that would be Kiss. So Paul asked me to co-write a song with him, and that song turned out to be a ginormous hit, and to this day still earns a lot of income performance wise and also within the compilations of Kiss’ greatest hits. And it’s used often and in commercials and movies and things like that.

2 Apr, 1975

Rock & Roll All Nite

Single Release

The band releases their single, Rock & Roll All Nite, from their album, Dressed To Kill. Stanley:

Originally Gene and I would tend to help each other fill in the gaps. Rock and Roll All Night came about because we felt we needed an anthem, a song that could be the rallying cry for all of our fans. So I went back to the hotel and came up with the chorus and the melody. Then I went down to see Gene and he came up with the verses. We used to write a lot like that. As Gene and I became better writers we became either less willing to bend on our individual ideas, or it may have been that we both figured our songs would be stronger if developed by the person who wrote them.

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