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18 Dec, 2014

Apology for canceled online layaway purchases

Sears and Kmart apologize for canceling a few thousand online layaway contracts after customers received cancellation emails stating their purchased items were out of stock. It was mainly Kmart customers who were affected, though a small number of Sears layaways were also canceled. Refunds are being processed and the stores are searching their inventory for the goods, which will be given to the affected customers for free, or a gift card if the products can’t be found. Spokeswoman Jamie Stein:

We’re investigating it still. Our focus is on trying to make it right for our customers.

5 Aug, 2014

Launches performance activewear

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Kmart and Michaels get together to launch a new performance active-wear product line. The line reflects Michaels’ passion for empowering and inspiring women through health and fitness. Kmart is committing to providing this product line giving customers quality and affordability for fitness wear. The product line will available Fall 2014 for purchase.

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