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26 Jul, 2010

Stuck Like Glue

Single Release

The group releases their song, Stuck Like Glue, from The Incredible Machine. Bush:

The song is about having fun; it’s supposed to make you feel good. Sometimes you try to write a song that you want to change the world, and sometimes you write a song that you want to just change your day! This song is just supposed to change your day, but the fact that it has provoked conversation is OK! Art is supposed to be provocative. If it isn’t, it belongs in an elevator.

Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

Oct 2009

Gold And Green

Single Release

The group releases, Gold And Green, from their album with the same name. Bush:

You have to be honest about the pictures you’re painting. Songwriting is a balance between showing and telling. Some things you can show by describing, and some things you have to tell. If you show what it looks like outside, you don’t have to say you feel peaceful. [Christmas] makes for a whole different palette when you’re writing those songs. I just love that we got to do it… and that when given the opportunity, we jumped at it – five times in a row!

Sugarland - Gold And Green

8 Sep, 2009

Already Gone

Single Release

The group releases their single, Already Gone, from, Love On The Inside. Bush:

I was really obsessed at that time with trying to see if we could redefine ourselves, or start a new definition of ourselves as musicians. When we started this band, Jennifer put her guitar down. And I said, ‘Well, why don’t you find a way to pick it up?’ I was really obsessed with the Faces and old Rod Stewart records, so I wanted mandolins and 12-strings – I wanted to write a song that way.

Sugarland - Already Gone

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