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Kurt Cobain was an American musician. Born in Aberdeen Washington, he formed Nirvana, in high school. The band achieved international success with their single Smells Like Teen Spirit from the album Nevermind and were seen as the foremost proponents of a new style of “Grunge Rock”.  Cobain was married Courtney Love, the lead singer of Hole, and they had one child, Frances Bean Cobain. In 1994 Cobain committed suicide at his home.

26 May, 2014

Photos from crime scene

cobain3The Seattle Police Department release previously undeveloped crime scene photographs. The photos were discovered when the SPD briefly reopened the case. None of the photos feature Kurt Cobain. The photos chronicle the detail of the inanimate objects around his estate. The photos vary from a six-legged stool to a cigar box stuffed with heroin needles.

29 Apr, 2014

Wedding vows note released

Kurt Cobain-Courtney Love-Wedding Vows-NoteIn response to public information requests filed by CBS News, Seattle Police release a handwritten note, scribbled on a napkin, that was found in Cobain’s wallet, which was on his body the day he died. The note reads.

Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife even when she’s a b**ch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring…

It is not clear from the text whether the note is serious, or is a parody.

10 Apr, 2014

Love and Grohl reconciliation

140410-galleryimg-otrc-rock-hall-induction-nirvana-induction-coutrney-love-2On the night of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Love publicly embraces Grohl in a hug. In a later interview with Pitchfork, Love says:

On my way to the bathroom, I saw Grohl, and Grohl saw me, and he came up to me first – which really pissed me off because I was going to go up to him first. I wanted to beat him to the punch. I was like, ‘All right, no matter what happens, we’re not going to be b**ches.’ That was my attitude going in, and obviously his. Not much else needs to be said. We just both knew it was time to let it go and we were ready to do it.

‘Nirvana Day’ declared in Hoquiam

Hoquiam, Washington, a town four miles from Cobain’s home declares April 10, 2014, “Nirvana Day”. Cobain, was born and raised in the nearby city of Aberdeen, and lived in Hoquiam for a brief period of time. Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney said:

They bring great honor…to our entire community. And I think that it’s good Kurt Cobain lived in Hoquiam for a little while, but he and Krist Novoselic are part of our community, and I think it’s good to honor our sons and their great accomplishments.

Mar 2014

New Photos

Seattle police develop four rolls of film that had been left in an evidence vault. The 35mm film photographs show Cobain’s dead body more clearly than previous Polaroids taken by police.

Sep 2011

20th Anniversary of Nevermind

In honor of the album’s 20th anniversary, Universal Music Enterprises releases a 4-CD/1-DVD Deluxe Edition of Nevermind which includes live recordings of Live in Paramount and alternate mixes of every song on the album.

13 Dec, 2002

Love and Nirvana lawsuit

Courtney Love and surviving members of Nirvana battle for the rights to the Nirvana legacy. The complaint by Love and Frances Cobain depicts Nirvana as a one-man show, reducing Novoselic and Grohl to little more than sidemen. Love also insists that Cobain decided to break up Nirvana several months before his death. Grohl and Novoselic’s legal papers refer to Love as:

a complete alien to Nirvana’s music and success [who is trying to] prohibit the remaining members of Nirvana from any commercial exploitation of the music they created.

Both Novoselic and Grohl have refrained from granting interviews on the subject of Kurt’s life out of respect for Cobain and his family, whereas Love

offered up many interviews on the subject of Kurt’s life and death which contain glaring inaccuracies

15 Nov, 1994

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! documentary

Cobain wanted the film to loosely chronicle the band’s rise to fame, but when Cobain died, the video lay unfinished until remaining Nirvana members, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, stepped in to finish it. The film features a performance in which Cobain gets into a physical altercation with an aggressive bouncer and several intimate shots of the band while touring.

Nirvana "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!" DVD Trailer

10 Apr, 1994

Public vigil

DeathDeath Count

A public vigil is held for Cobain at the Seattle Center. Seven thousand fans attend to hear prerecorded messages from Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love. Love reads portions of Cobain’s suicide note to the crowd.

3 Apr, 1994

Private Investigation

Love hires a private investigator to search for Cobain after several days of his disappearance.

4 Mar, 1994



Love finds Cobain overdosed on champagne and Rohypnol. After five days in the hospital, he is released. Love claims the incident was Cobain’s first suicide attempt.

Jul 1993

Finding his Irish Identity


Music writer, Jon Savage, sits down for an extended interview with Cobain. Cobain had often expressed an interest in his lineage. In the interview, Cobain recalls:

I didn’t even know until this year that the name Cobain was Irish. I found out through different phonebooks throughout America. I couldn’t find any Cobains so I started calling Coburns and found this lady in San Francisco and she had been researching our family history. And it came from County Cork, which is a weird coincidence, because when we toured we played in Cork and the entire day I walked around in a daze. I’d never felt more spiritual in my life. I was almost in tears the whole day. It was the weirdest thing.

9 Sep, 1992

MTV VMA bass guitar accident

Nirvana wins Best New Artist and Best Alternative Group awards for the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. During their performance of “Lithium”, Krist Novoselic throws his bass guitar into the air and it lands on his face, leaving him to be rushed to the paramedics for stitches.

Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic Smashes Himself In The Face After "Lithium"

13 Jul, 1992

Lithium video release

Directed by Kevin Kerslake, Cobain originally wanted the music video for “Lithium” to be an animated story about a girl named Prego who discovers eggs that hatch. After learning that the animation would take four months to complete, Cobain and Kerslake make a montage of Nirvana live shows instead. The band later stated that the video was something of a disappointment from a song that promised so much.


Parents divorce


At seven years old, Cobain’s parents divorce and he is sent to live with several different relatives. At one point, Cobain was homeless, reportedly living under a bridge. He later stated that the traumatic split made him feel insecure and unloved. He became increasingly difficult, anti-social and withdrawn. Cobain also said that the divorced fueled a lot of the anguish in Nirvana’s music.

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