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19 Nov, 2014

WrestlingINC interview


Poffo talks to WrestlingINC about his brother, Randy Savage’s heat with WWE and rumors that he hated Vince McMahon.

I just wanted to say Randy was a great man, and you know he was. He was also a good man, and I think that’s even more important. Randy knew deep in his heart that he was thankful to Vince McMahon for all he had. He was 32 when he finally got his break and the window of opportunity was closing. Whatever small argument they may have had, I think it’s just ridiculous to not see the big picture that Randy loved Vince and Vince loved Randy

16 Oct, 2014

Another Wrestling Podcast interview


Poffo talks to Another Wrestling Podcast about the upcoming Randy Savage documentary.

My mother didn’t want to be in it, and I talked her into it, and she was phenomenal. You know she’s going to be 88 years old in January. She’s so…I don’t want to get negative, she’s still harboring the resentment that nobody offered her condolences from the WWE. And I said, “Mom look at it this way, this is not about the Macho Man, it’s about the Macho Fan. And they’re the ones who gave him his lifestyle. And they’re the ones that made him go on top of the mountain, and he lived there for many, many years, and he had a great life, and it’s all because of the Macho Fan.”

15 Oct, 2012
0 interview


Poffo talks about his time in WWE:

For me it was the greatest six years of my career, I then got fired but came back as the manager of the Beverly Brothers and got another run on the back of that. It was a tremendous opportunity, I really enjoyed the ‘Leaping’ Lanny role and then I got the opportunity to become The Genius but the best four months was the time I spent with Curt Hennig and being the adversary of Hulk Hogan.

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