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5 Dec, 2014

Willing to investigate sexual assault allegations

The LAPD says it will investigate any allegations brought forth against Cosby, even if they occurred before the statute of limitations for prosecution ended. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck says that although the investigation couldn’t be used in a criminal trial, it could be helpful in a civil suit.

We don’t turn people away because things are out of statute. You come to us, especially with a sexual allegation, we will work with you. We address these things seriously, and it’s not just because it’s Mr. Cosby.

LAPD investigating sexual assault claims

The LAPD is investigating claims of sexual assault made by Huth against Cosby, after meeting with Huth and her attorney Gloria Allred. Allred:

We are here to accept Chief Beck’s invitation to any and all persons to come forward if they believe that they have evidence that they were victims of a crime that occurred in the City of Los Angeles.

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