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9 Nov, 2007

Stanford Hospital $27.5m pledge


Andreesen and wife Laura pledge $27.5 million to Stanford Hospital & Clinics, marking their first philanthropic commitment as a couple. The money is pledged to upgrade emergency services and build the Marc and Laura Andreessen Emergency Department.

Both of us feel so strongly that, being part of the new generation in Silicon Valley, we have a responsibility to hopefully inspire other people in our age range to make significant philanthropic commitments.


Andreessen, Arrillaga marry


Andreessen marries Laura Arrillaga, a philanthropy teacher at Stanford University and the daughter of Silicon Valley real estate developer John Arrillaga. The marriage spurs Andreessen to start considering new philanthropic options:

I am completely committed to philanthropy because if I’m not, I’m in a great deal of trouble. I can’t even tell you.

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