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Lauren Conrad

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13 Sep, 2014

Conrad, Tell marry


Conrad marries Tell at a beautiful and rustic vineyard in Santa Ynez, California. As friends and family arrive at the venue, they are handed their choice of speciality cocktails. After settling in, the ceremony begins, which is officiated by a good friend of the grooms, Casey Scharetg.

4 Jul, 2014

Jenner, Conrad never dated

Jenner reveals in a new interview that he never dated Conrad.

Lauren and I have always been just friends. We worked together on a show called The Hills where we had to pretend like we were dating but we never dated.

1 Apr, 2014

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

udrk90fym13dyf1kConrad appears on the cover of the April 2014 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about being on The Hills and how she would decorate her home if it weren’t for her boyfriend.

If it was up to me, my home would be just over-the-top girlie and vintage, but I share my home with a gentleman now.

14 Oct, 2013

The Little Market

Conrad opens new store with friend Hannah Skvarla called The Little Market. The Little Market will sell products from local female artists from all over the globe. Conrad says she is excited about her new business venture.

My bestie Hannah and I have been traveling all over the world to find local female artisans in the communities we’ve visited to sell their handmade products through our online store.

13 Oct, 2013

Conrad, Tell engaged

Lauren Conrad RingConrad announces engagement to boyfriend William Tell. Conrad says she is very excited and will be posting wedding themed content to her website The Beauty Department.

William and I are overwhelmed by all of your warm wishes. Thank you so much for sharing in this special moment.

9 Aug, 2013

Alternate ending

TV Appearance

Conrad reveals that she had filmed an alternate ending to The Hills. In the finale episode of The Hills it is revealed that another scene shot showed character Brody Jenner returning to his home to find Conrad after saying goodbye to character Kristin Cavallari.

“It’s hard to say goodbye,” Conrad says.

11 Jun, 2013



Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.15.29 PMConrad releases her sixth book titled Infamous. Infamous is the third book in Conrad’s series The Fame Game. The novel will continue to follow main character Madison as she films her reality show and tries not to get caught up in being famous. Conrad she is both excited and sad that she has completed this book series.

It’s good. I mean it’s exciting to finish it and you know it’s a nice accomplished. It’s a little sad because it means I’m done and this was a series I really enjoyed working on.

1 Nov, 2012

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

hrtem1vj53jimevhConrad appears on the cover of the November 2012 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about how she met her boyfriend, her dating rules, and her book Lauren Conrad Beauty.

I didn’t want it to sound like a manual. I wanted it to sound like a friend or a big sister explaining it to you.

24 Oct, 2012



Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.17.10 PMConrad releases her fifth novel Starstruck. The novel is a sequel to her fourth novel Fame Game. Starstruck continues to follow main character Madison and her friends as she navigates Los Angeles and the world of fame.

Honestly the biggest (challenge) was time. A lot of late nights and almost losing it over my laptop, but that was the only thing. It got a little rough.

16 Oct, 2012

Lauren Conrad Beauty


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.24.39 PMConrad releases tell all beauty book titled Lauren Conrad Beauty. The book highlights all of Conrad’s beauty secrets and guides to perfecting a beauty look.

One of the messages of this book is it’s really important to figure out what you love about yourself and what you want to focus on. It’s different for every person.

20 Jul, 2012


Conrad launches an environmentally friendly cosmetic bag, made out of recycled bottles, called XO(eco), a collaboration with Blue Avocado. Conrad says that making environmentally friendly choices is fun.

As a designer, making greener choices has to be easy, inspiring and fun. I have designed items in the BlueAvocado XO(eco) collection with REPREVE to become a part of my daily life so I can have fashionable, eco-friendly products.

3 May, 2012

Beauty cover

Magazine Cover

1336060295_lauren-conrad-book-lgConrad releases the cover of her upcoming book called Lauren Conrad Beauty. Publisher:

In her first guide dedicated exclusively to beauty, Lauren covers everything you need to know to maximize your own beauty potential. From tips for creating a strong foundation and maintaining healthy skin and hair through diet, exercise, and all-around wellness to everyday makeup techniques and tricks of the trade for special-occasion looks, Lauren Conrad Beauty provides the advice you’ve been waiting for.

4 Apr, 2012

Glamour cover

Magazine Cover

1333581877_lauren-conrad-467Conrad appears on the cover of the May 2012 issue of Glamour magazine. She talks about how she didn’t expect to be on the cover and how she doesn’t like wearing swimsuits.

On the vacation to Cabo, I wore a bathing suit on the beach for the first time in years. Usually I’m just petrified. A couple of years ago someone zoomed in on my cellulite and it was so mean. I took it really personally. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in L.A. in years because of that.

3 Apr, 2012

The Fame Game


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.03.09 PMConrad releases here fourth book, The Fame Game. The novel follows character Madison who tries to become known as the best “frenemy” of reality television star Jane Roberts who is featured in Conrad’s previous novels. Conrad says she just wants readers to enjoy her books.

One of my biggest goals, especially with writing YA novels, is just to have people enjoy reading. I remember being in high school and it was so forced because everything I read through most of school was assigned reading. I love the idea of giving girls a book that they can read and enjoy reading.

9 Sep, 2011

Paper Crown

Conrad launches fashion line Paper Crown at Nordstrom’s Fashion’s Night Out event. The line features pieces that are more expensive than her line at Kohl’s, but can be considered investment clothing pieces. The line is available at Nordstrom stores.

Paper Crown is something I’ve done on my own which has been really fun. Quality was a really big focus. We wanted to do really beautiful fabrics, really focus on getting a beautiful fit so the pieces are classic and timeless and can be worn through the season.

1 May, 2011

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

qd9wzspykh6ahkasConrad appears on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about not being sexy and the last season of The Hills.

Towards the end, I was so tired. I was showing up to the club in flip-flops, and [the cameramen] would be like, ‘Great, now we can’t film your feet, because you couldn’t bother putting on a pair of shoes.’

19 Apr, 2011

The Beauty Department

Conrad launches beauty site called The Beauty Department with her hairstylist Kristin Ess and her makeup artist Amy Nadine. The site features tutorials and tips on hair, beauty and fashion.

The site will offer beauty tips: how to do the hottest runway tricks. How to wear purple eyeliner. How to do beach curlew. The idea is to eventually roll out a cosmetics and hair line.

1 Nov, 2010

Teen Vogue cover

Magazine Cover

cosl-2010-11-coverConrad appears on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She talks about leaving the past in the past, her new reality series, and her clothing line, Paper Crown.

It’s the idea of creating your own glamour. The focus will be on really great fits, fabrics, and details. It won’t be overly trendy, nothing that’s trying too hard. I’m very excited about it, but I’m also a little nervous. I’m doing it all on my own this time.

5 Oct, 2010

Sugar and Spice


200px-Sugar_and_Spice_Lauren_ConradConrad releases Sugar and Spice, her third and final trilogy novel, which follows  Jane Roberts from the opening night of her reality show through her realizations of good and bad relationships she has fostered throughout the series.

The first book was the most difficult to write as I was new to the process and there are so many writes and rewrites etc. Not to say book 2 and 3 were easy but they were more enjoyable as I could be creative rather than setting up characters.

1 Mar, 2010

Seventeen cover

Magazine Cover

lauren-conrad-cover-seventeen-magazine-march-2010Conrad appears on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine. She talks about The Hills launching her career and about a rumour that her boyfriend didn’t want to be on The Hills.

False. It never even came up, because by the time I met Kyle, I had already perfected my ‘double life.’ There was my TV life and my real life. Most of my closest friends were never on the show; my family was rarely on. I think it’s better that way. It’s not normal to put every part of your personal life on camera. You have to have something for yourself or you’ll go crazy.

8 Feb, 2010

Sweet Little Lies


200px-Sweet_Little_Lies_Lauren_ConradConrad releases the second novel in the her trilogy series. The novel titled Sweet Little Lies continues to follow character Jane Roberts after she leaves Los Angeles. In the book Jane finds herself in a tight spot when scandalous photos of her are released and she must find her way out of this mess.

The first book was a learning experience. I had to learn the whole process and I think I also had to learn to schedule writing time for myself. I had lived my life for years on a schedule and this was the first time where I would have full days to write. It was also teaching myself how to do that. Everything was very new to me. The second time around, I had a better idea of how it was done.

16 Sep, 2009

Guest judge

Cameo/Guest AppearanceTV Appearance

Conrad is a guest judge on cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model. Conrad is only signed on the judges panel for one show in the contest series and said she might considered hosting a show of her own in the future.

I wouldn’t do a show like The Hills. Nothing with my personal life, but possibly something hosting. I think I have a little bit of time to figure out what I’m going to do next.

13 Aug, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Cameo/Guest AppearanceTV Appearance

Conrad wins $50,000 while guest starting as a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Conrad will give all of her winnings to her charity of choice, m.powerment by mark, an organization working against domestic violence. Conrad had to answer one question to win the $50,000 and says she knew the answer, but used her lifeline anyway.

16 Jun, 2009

L.A. Candy


200px-Lauren-Conrad_L.A._Candy_CoverConrad releases first novel titled L.A. Candy. The book is the first installment in a trilogy that follows Jane Roberts who moves to Hollywood and gets cast in her own reality show. The book becomes a New York Times Best Seller.

I didn’t take anything specifically that happened to me. The only thing that I did was … it was a way to show not necessarily me but just the other side of being on a show like ours. For everyone that’s done it I think you see one side and you don’t see the other. It’s kind of an interesting story to tell.

11 May, 2009

Leaves The Hills

Conrad announces she is leaving The Hills for other career opportunities in fashion. Since filming The Hills Conrad has been working on her own clothing line and says she is excited to live her life without cameras following her around. The Hills will bring in Kristin Cavallari as the main character to replace Conrad.

It’s bittersweet. I’ve spent the last five years making every decision be about the show. People I date have to be able to film, the places I work have to let us film and the places I live have to have set lighting. I’m ready to do things on my own. I loved doing it and had so much fun, but it came to a point where I had done it long enough.

3 May, 2009

Family Guy

TV Appearance

Conrad voices herself as a character on Family Guy. In the episode character Brian—voiced by Seth MacFarlane—picks up Conrad’s character and thinks that she might be his soulmate.

The most exciting part is to see what you look like animated. I think that I’m basically just a blonde character though, on this episode.

22 Apr, 2009

LC Lauren Conrad

Conrad launches her fashion line, LC Lauren Conrad. The line is in collaboration with Kohl’s and will be sold in Kohl’s stores. The goal of the fashion line is to be wearable and affordable for Conrad’s fans and Kohl’s customers.

Partnering with a successful national retailer like Kohl’s supports my mission to make great clothing accessible to young women everywhere. The collection is a reflection of my personal style and will offer fresh, California Casual designs at an affordable price.

28 Oct, 2008


TV Appearance

Conrad guest stars in the ABC Family series Greek. Conrad plays herself in the series as a spiritual advisor to character Casey played by Spencer Grammer. The episode is Greek’s season 2 finale and Conrad will appear in a dream sequence Casey has in the show.

26 Jan, 2007

Epic Movie

Cameo/Guest AppearanceFilm Appearance

Conrad stars in feature film Epic Movie. Conrad plays a satirical version of herself in the film with co-star Carmen Electra.

I don’t want to act. I tried it. … I don’t enjoy it, and I can’t make a career out of something I don’t really like. It’s not that fun, and I’m not that good at it.

31 May, 2006

The Hills

TV Appearance

Conrad stars in MTV reality television series The Hills. The Hills is a follow up to the series Laguna Beach MTV aired through 2006. The series follows old characters from Laguna Beach like Lo Bosworth and introduces new cast members including Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

The Hills is filmed exactly the same as Laguna. So when people started picking out these very little things, it was weird to me because anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed.

24 Sep, 2004

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

TV Appearance

Conrad stars in MTV reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. The series follows Conrad and a group of her friends and classmates of Laguna Beach High School for three seasons. Other than Conrad the show’s main characters include Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari and Lo Bosworth.

It was just a big group of friends being themselves. I think it’s impossible to do that in this day and age of reality TV.

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

Conrad stars in the MTV reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. The series follows Conrad and a group of her friends and classmates of Laguna Beach High School for three seasons. Other than Conrad the show’s main characters include Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari and Lo Bosworth.

It was just a big group of friends being themselves. I think it’s impossible to do that in this day and age of reality TV.

1 Feb, 1986

Lauren Conrad born in Laguna Beach, California


Lauren Katherine Conrad is born in Laguna Beach, California to architects Kathy Conrad and Jim Conrad. Conrad has one younger sister Brenna Conrad and one younger brother Brandon Conrad.

Conrad began her interest in fashion throughout her childhood. Conrad’s father says that Conrad wasn’t the best student, but that he could see that she had an interest in fashion early in her life.

Lauren wasn’t a great student—she wasn’t that interested. We figured out along the way that she was an artist and her real love was fashion.

Conrad agrees:

I think that I get bored easily with things.

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