Laurie Holden

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19 Oct, 2014

Helps rescue Columbian sex slaves

Walking Dead star Holden participates in a real life undercover sting to rescue Columbian sex slaves. The mission, led by former CIA and Homeland security agent Tim Ballard, is featured on Nightline and in the documentary The Abolitionists. Holden distracts the girls during the mission while Ballard and his team gather evidence to be used against the trafficker. Holden:

When they first showed up, some of them looked really terrified. I talked to a few of them and asked them how old they were. Some were 12. Some were 13. Most were 14. One of the girls came in, embraced me, started to cry, then I started to cry. What makes me sad is that yes, we got four traffickers, and I hope they fry, but what makes me sad is that so many of these little girls, they don’t know any different. I know we did some good tonight. But I know that more needs to be done.

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