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15 Jul, 2014

Rimes, Cibrian interview


Seacrest interviews Rimes and Cibrian during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks them why they started a reality TV show.

There’s been so much craziness in the past five years. People have used what they think is our lives for entertainment. We caved eventually because we have turned down many offers to do something like this. This felt right with the right producers and VH1. We wanted to make a comedy. Eddie and I both, we laugh about a lot of things. I think that’s how we cope with a lot of this stuff. It’s about time to getting on with it and laughing about it. With this show, you get to see how we are with each other.

26 Feb, 1997

Wins Grammy


aRimes wins the Grammy for Best New Artist, Best Country Song and Best Female Vocal Country Album for Blue.

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