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15 Aug, 2013

Maxim Interview


Black talks about the comedians that he looks up to:

Inside, it would be Carlin, Pryor, Lenny Bruce – and then guys like Shelley Berman and Bob Newhart. Then outside of it, it was like – not really, because he kind of straddles it – Paul Krassner who was the editor of The Realist and does a lot of satirical writing. He’s very funny. And then there is Kurt Vonnegut.

13 Feb, 2011

Wins Grammy


Black wins Grammy for Best Comedy Album for Stark Raving Black.

I was working in Peoria, Illinois when I found out that I won the Grammy and as usual whenever I win something I was stunned and surprised. I was most thrilled because it came on my dad’s ninety third birthday. I want to thank all of you out there who really made it possible for me to be even considered for this award. Your support of my work means more than you will ever know and I haven’t even got the words to express those feelings.

11 Feb, 2007

Wins Grammy


Black wins the Grammy for Best Comedy Album for The Carnegie Hall Performance.

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