Lilian Garcia

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7 Dec, 2012

WWE return


Garcia returns to WWE after being away since October due to a car accident.

I actually had butterflies in my stomach driving up to the arena. After 11 years [in WWE], you’d think this would be old hat to me, but it all feels new again

27 Feb, 2014

Steve Austin Show interview


Garcia is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss drinking, starting out in WWE and singing.

Somebody tweeted the first show I’d ever done and I was like, “Ok, can I bare this?” So I watch it and I can only grin and bare it for a few matches I mean, Wow! I was so bad

12 Sep, 2014 interview


Garcia talks to about living in Los Vegas and her singing career.

I have been back in the studio, writing and recording new music with Chris Garcia. He’s not related, but he’s awesome. He’s worked with Demi Lovato, Kesha, Chrissie Hynde, Nicole Scherzinger, even Celine Dion. The guy’s got a rap sheet, and he’s phenomenal to work with.

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