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16 Mar, 2014

Word Up

Little Mix releases cover and music video of song Word Up by Cameo, recorded and released  for the charity Sport Relief. The video also features Mel C from the Spice Girls. Jade Thirlwall:

We didn’t even know she (Mel C) was coming. She just turned up and she gave it this makes peace sign and she gave it this (kick) and left. It was amazing.

11 Nov, 2013


Little_Mix_Salute_(Official_Album_Cover)Little Mix releases their second album titled Salute. The 12 track record features singles Move and Little Me. The album also features collaborations with writers and producers TMS, Future Cut and Fred Ball. Perrie Edwards:

Just after we wrote Salute, we were like, “Please can we have a copy?” for the car and all that stuff. We weren’t allowed and we were like, “Excuse me! We were the ones who wrote it and we want it now!” Because like when it’s not a final copy they get really insecure about you hearing it first. They just want it to be done. But we were like, “Well, we were there. We know how it sounds and we want it.” As soon as we got that CD, we put it on. We blasted it. Literally we had it on repeat, and on repeat, and on repeat.

7 Nov, 2013

Live Lounge

Little Mix perform a cover and mashup of the songs Holy Grail, Counting Stars and Smells Like Teen Spirit in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

17 Apr, 2013

How Ya Doin’

Little Mix release their fourth single from their album DNA. The single titled How Ya Doin’ features rapper Missy Elliott and a sample from Curiosity Killed the Cat’s single Name and Number. Jesy Nelson:

Having Missy Elliott on our track literally means everything to us. She’s been my idol since I was little, I literally adore her, and every single interview that would ask who’s your dream collaboration to work with, I’d always say Missy Elliott. We’ve all wanted to work with her, she’s just a legend. And something you dream of, that you never think is going to happen, and then when it did, I cried my eyes out, we were just in shock. To actually just hear her and see her and then when we first heard the rap, I cried.

15 Feb, 2013

Change Your Life

Little Mix releases third single from the album DNA titled Change Your Life. The track is a collaboration from Little Mix, Richard Stannard, Tim Powell and Ash Howes. Jade Thirlwall:

It’s the first proper song we wrote together and I think you can really tell that when you listen to the lyrics and stuff. We had just come out of The X Factor, we were thinking about that and thinking about the fans, so it’s quite an important one. I think it’s quite uplifting.

19 Nov, 2012


Little_Mix_DNA_(Official_Album_Cover)Little Mix release their debut album titled DNA. The 16 track record features singles Wings and DNA. Producers TMS, Future Cut, Steve Mac and Jarrad Rogers worked with Little Mix to complete the record. Perrie Edwards:

Every time I listen to the album I have got a new favorite and I like a different part. I think every song on the album has a memory behind it, and that’s a pretty cool thing—because looking back on when we recorded Wings it was just such a good time and a really cool experience to be able to go into the studio and have a laugh.

25 Jul, 2012

Wings music video

Little Mix release debut music video for their single Wings. Edwards says the music video and the single is a real introduction to Little Mix as a group. Jesy Nelson:

So this is our first proper video. It was amazing, but we were proper tired. I think we started at 4 a.m. in the morning, and we didn’t finish until 2 a.m. the next day. And the routine that’s in the video, we kept having to keep shooting it and doing it again.

30 May, 2012


Little Mix releases their debut single Wings, a collaboration with Lain James, Erika Nuri , Michelle Lewis, Mischke Butler, Heidi Rojas and their producer, TMS. Perrie Edwards:

More than anything, we wanted to be involved in the writing and the production. I’ve always loved rock music. My dad brought me up listening to Journey, Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. Then, on my mum’s side of the family, I was into Motown. So when we started writing, we all had different tastes in different genres of music but we tried to blend it all together. At the end of the day, it’s our name on it. If we’re not happy, then I think people will see straight through it.


11 Dec, 2011

Wins ‘The X Factor’

Little Mix wins season 8 of the United Kingdom’s The X Factor. The first group to ever win the competition, they perform their version of Damien Rice’s Cannonball for their winning piece. Jesy Nelson:

This is never going to sink in. We can never thank the public enough for voting for us.

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