Long Beach Comic Expo

Long Beach Comic Expo1 post
28 Feb, 2015

Attendees salute Nimoy


Soon after the Expo began, thousands of attendees observed a moment of silence for Nimoy while holding up their hands in a Vulcan salute. Gabriel Fieramosco, the Expo’s marketing manager who led the tribute:

Obviously, when we heard it everybody was floored. We couldn’t do the weekend without acknowledging it in some way. So after discussing it amongst ourselves, we decided that a moment of silence on the floor was the way to do it.


He [Nimoy] was deeply talented, worked in charity, and was a great role model for anyone, especially those who love science fiction. Leonard Nimoy’s passing is a major moment. I didn’t realize how universally beloved he was until he died. Just a wide array of people honoring the man.

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