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10 Oct, 2014

‘Race-targeting bioweapon’

Farrakhan claims the virus is a ‘race-targeting bioweapon’ created by the U.S. government:

There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind … So, if you are poor and ignorant; if you are Black or Brown, you are being selected for destruction.

25 Aug, 2015

Farrakhan, Eminem meet

Makes Statement

In an over 2 1/2-hour dinner in Eminem’s Detroit hotel room, Farrakhan talks about the responsibilities that stars like Eminem have toward society to influence people positively. Spokesperson:

It was a beautiful discussion. Eminem was engaged. His manager (Paul Rosenberg) was engaged. It was a great time and experience…[Farrakhan talked to Eminem about] using his influence and using his power through rap music and hip-hop culture to influence people positively, so our children, our youth, can grow into more positive humans.

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