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Louis Smolka is an American mixed martial arts fighter, born in Kapolei, Hawaii, in 1991. He competes in the flyweight division of UFC.

17 Nov, 2016

Smolka: McGregor has made ‘marketing a skillset’

Makes Statement

While training for his flyweight bout in UFC 207, Smolka talks about McGregor’s influence in the sport’s marketing.

Honestly, you know I tried to talk a bit for my last fight and do the trash talk and stuff. Man, I can’t even imagine the amount of time this guy spends rehearsing and thinking up his lines and plotting what he’s gonna say and stuff. On top of all the media coaching and keeping that persona and stuff, on top of all the work that it takes to be a fighter, I can’t even imagine how hard this guy works…Props to him you know. I feel like he’s made media and promoting like another skillset, another attribute, like another niche in your resume and props to him for working on it.

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