Ma’ake Kemoeatu

Ma'ake Kemoeatu1 post
27 Aug, 2014

Donates kidney to brother

Kemoeatu, former Baltimore Ravens nose tackle, donates kidney to younger brother Chris Kemoeatu, former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive guard. Ma’ake retires from football in 2013 after learning that Chris has advanced kidney disease that requires a transplant for which Ma’ake is a match. The surgery is deemed successful at this point. Ma’ake:

The doctor said we could pass as twins to do this surgery. My dad wanted to do it, and we kind of got into it because I didn’t want him to do it. I’m the oldest of seven kids, so it was my responsibility to take care of my younger brothers and sisters. If my brother or any of my siblings needed blood, they have to have my blood. If any of my siblings needed a kidney, it would have to be my kidney.

Chris regarding his brother’s sacrifice:

A true ‘thank you’ to him for making the sacrifice. It’s really been a humbling experience. I have nothing but love for him.

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