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14 Aug, 1959

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Born in Lansing, Michigan


Earvin “Magic” Johnson is born in Lansing, Michigan and is the fourth child of seven. He works several jobs as a young man, but his first love is basketball, which evolved into a state championship in high school. His passing and ball-handling skills win him the nickname “Magic”.

1 Dec, 2013

Magic Johnson interview


Winfrey interviews Magic Johnson in an exclusive conversation about his health, family, and the moment he knew he had contracted HIV.

Oh, man. I think, you know, I just love her so much. As we sit here and to know what I’ve been through and, you know, just — just to hear her talk about me gets me so emotional. You know, we’ve been together a long time and she’s the perfect partner for me. And I think when people throw around soul mates and all that, I mean, we’re for real.

The Day Magic Johnson Found Out He Was HIV-Positive - Oprah's Next Chapter - OWN

10 Jun, 2014

Ebony cover

Magazine Cover

magicJohnson and his wife Cookie appears on the cover of Ebony to discuss Donald Sterling, their business endeavors, and keeping love alive after being married for many years.

We had our ups and downs. We had a period where we were about to separate.  There was a point where I was home all the time; he was working. Sometimes you start growing apart a little because he’s seeing new adventurous stuff.  He’s out in the world.  He’s growing. But I’m stagnant.

23 Mar, 2015

‘It was beautiful’

Gives Talk

After the 60-54 win over Virginia by MSU’s basketball team, Johnson speaks to the entire team.

I just want to say, when you’re in a battle, your seniors gotta step up, all right?…See, you stepped up. And even when [Denzel] Valentine got in foul trouble, you didn’t waver. You kept going…And I think Coach was right: the defense, helping each other, talking — talking. It was beautiful. It was beautiful to watch. And even when they came back and made their run, you stuck to the game plan, you executed and you stuck together.

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