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8 Aug, 2015

Hostages freed

Malian security forces storm a hotel in Sevare, ending a siege and freeing hostages. Malian forces say four bodies have been found inside the Byblos Hotel after the early raid. At least one UN worker and several suspected Islamist militants are thought to have died in the siege but the exact number is unclear. Two South Africans, one Ukrainian and one Russian national are said to have been freed after being trapped inside the hotel. A total of at least 13 people are thought to have died since gunmen swept through Sevare. It is unclear which group is behind the hostage-taking.

7 Aug, 2015

Hotels attacked

Terror Incident

Unknown rebels arrive on motorbikes and attack the Debo, Motel and Flandres, in the town of Savare, in Mali. The hotels are frequented by foreigners, including guests from France, South Africa and Ukraine. Residents say they saw one dead body lying on the street outside one of the hotels. The military arrives later to retake control of the town. Resident:

This morning as I was leaving for work I heard shots and saw smoke coming from the Hotel Debo. The area is surrounded by soldiers who told us to return to our homes.

24 Oct, 2014

Mali confirms first case

A two-year-old girl brought into Mali from Guinea is taken to the hospital in Kayes after showing symptoms, and tests positive. Her father had died of the virus. Health Ministry spokeswoman:

The girl is still in the hospital in Kayes together with members of her family who might have been exposed to the virus

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