Marcus DiPaola

Marcus DiPaola1 post
29 Oct, 2014

Journalist monitored for virus

DiPaola, a 23-year-old freelancer, is monitored by Chicago city health officials after a week in Liberia covering the virus, including visiting treatment centres and places where bodies were being collected. He has no symptoms and says he has not had contact with patients.

As a reporter, the rule is if you’re close enough to need PPE, which is the spacesuits, you’re too close. And you have to back up. I never got close enough to anybody to need to wear PPE.

Nurses are taking his temperature at home three times a week and are in contact by phone on the days when they don’t visit. He is free to come and go, including riding the train. He returned to Chicago on Oct. 20 but it was nine days before city health officials got in touch, which he says is because he is a very low risk.

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