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8 Apr, 2015

Assaulted at Denny’s


Manson is assaulted at a Denny’s restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta. A 21-year-old man punches him in the face after a concert. Manson is not filing charges. Witness:

He was being friendly with everyone. Anyone who wanted a picture, he would give them a picture. Anyone who wanted an autograph he would give them an autograph. They were just talking and the guy just punched him right in the face without any provocation.

26 Aug, 2011

Spits water on date and Manson


At the opening of the L.A. nightclub, The Box, LaBeouf spits water on his date, Karolyn Pho, and his tablemates which include Marilyn Manson.  Manson attempts to calm the actor down to no effect. LaBeouf becomes more out of control, yelling at his date, and then lunges out of the club with Pho following behind.  An eyewitness says:

Marilyn looked shocked and annoyed, but stayed seated.  It was so insane — he just had a total meltdown right in front of everyone. It was completely out of control. He was so angry and physical.

1 May, 2007

Spin cover

InterviewMagazine Cover0 Comments

Manson is featured on the cover of Spin Magazine, with a interview inside the issue. During the interview Manson is questioned on his divorce.

But then I realized that what’s wrong about me is right. To play devil’s advocate – but that doesn’t really work, since I’m the devil – people would say that drugs and alcohol wrecked my marriage. But buyer beware. She said she had tolerated the lifestyle because she hoped I would change and threatened to leave if I didn’t. I was sleeping on the couch in my own home. I was no longer supposed to be a rock star. I was someone who had to be apologized for. I wasn’t prepared to be alone. I came out of this naked, a featherless bird. I needed to get my wings back by making this record.


1 Feb, 1998

Spin cover

InterviewMagazine Cover0 Comments

Manson is featured on the cover of Spin magazine with an interview inside the issue. Mason is questioned about his career, friendships and his autobiography Running With The Devil. 

I though it would be earlier now than later in life to explain how I grew up and the transformation that’s taken place over the past 27 years. I tried to do that on Antichrist Superstar, but it was much more esoteric and metaphorical, and I don’t think a lot of people understood it. Now people will know the facts, not a version skewed by magazine editors.