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10 Jun, 2014

Trial postponed


The court will reset the trial to December 1, 2014 to await action from Florida Governor Rick Scott. One of Alexander’s defense is the new “Warning Shot Bill,” which the defendant’s team wants applied retroactively to the case. Judge James Daniel was set to rule on the trial, however both parties agree that the trial should continue once the Governor decides if he’ll sign the new Warning Shot Bill or not. Bruce Zimet, Defense Attorney, comments

It would be silly to have the judge make a ruling then the law changes 30 days later and impedes on a jury trial.

20 Oct, 2014

Estranged husband testifies


Rico Gray, Marissa Alexander’s estranged husband, testifies that he doesn’t remember a domestic violence arrest against a previous girlfriend. He also acknowledges that he has lied on the stand. Alexander’s attorney, Faith Gay, looks to prove a pattern of abuse and lies against Mr. Gray.

We’re not introducing it just to show he is a bad person. We’re trying to show what his intent was.

15 Nov, 2014

Prior abuse allegations allowed


Circuit Judge James Daniel rules that prior domestic abuse allegations by former girlfriends of Marissa Alexander’s husband will be admissible in her December retrial. Alexander’s attorney, Bruce Zimet:

We think she was justified in using the actions that she did on the day in question.

24 Nov, 2014

Agrees to plea deal


Alexander agreMarissaes to a plea deal that has her serving three years in prison for pleading guilty to all three counts against her. Alexander gets credit for the 1,030 days she’s already spent in jail, so she will spend 65 more days incarcerated and will be released on January 27, 2015. Under the terms of the plea, she will have an additional two years under community control, or house arrest, with a monitor.