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Rushed by fan

Music Performance0 Comments

Levine is caught off guard when a fan runs onto stage and tries to hug him during the Maroon 5 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Levine pushes woman away, but then puts his arm around her until security arrives. He tells the crowd it was terrifying to be singing with your eyes closed, and then suddenly have someone in his face.

She, like, cut my ear with her fingernail. It’s all good. I love you sweetheart, I’m glad you’re a fan of the band. It’s only mildly creepy that that just happened.

Tour dates announced


Levine announces Maroon 5 2015 World tour dates during On Air With Ryan Seacrest. The tour starts on Feb 16 in Dallas, TX and ends on June 17 in Lisbon, Portugal.

We started rehearsing, we started putting it together. It’s kind of in its early stages. One thing I know for sure, and I think the band is all super pumped about it, is we’re going to go hard. We put on a big rock and roll concert and it’s very different from our albums. It’s very unleashed and crazy.

22 Jul, 2014

Album cover release


15Maroon 5 releases album cover art for V. The 14 song album is Maroon 5’s, fifth studio album.

16 Jun, 2014


Single Release0 Comments

Maroon 5 releases Maps. The song is the first track off of their upcoming fifth studio album titled V. Levine says singles are chosen based on what the band think will be the biggest hit.

We choose the singles. But we also aren’t stupid. We present the singles, and we say ‘here are the singles, these are the songs we think would be big hits. But we listen to people. I play the song for everyone I can find that I love and I respect. I play the song for kids. Kids know everything. That’s the secret. They have the best taste in music. They have the best ears, because they aren’t corrupted by anything. We listen to the reaction from the label and friends…we do a lot of our own research.

Maroon 5 - Maps (Explicit) (Official Music Video)