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Rushed by fan

Music Performance

Levine is caught off guard when a fan runs onto stage and tries to hug him during the Maroon 5 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Levine pushes woman away, but then puts his arm around her until security arrives. He tells the crowd it was terrifying to be singing with your eyes closed, and then suddenly have someone in his face.

She, like, cut my ear with her fingernail. It’s all good. I love you sweetheart, I’m glad you’re a fan of the band. It’s only mildly creepy that that just happened.

Tour dates announced

Levine announces Maroon 5 2015 World tour dates during On Air With Ryan Seacrest. The tour starts on Feb 16 in Dallas, TX and ends on June 17 in Lisbon, Portugal.

We started rehearsing, we started putting it together. It’s kind of in its early stages. One thing I know for sure, and I think the band is all super pumped about it, is we’re going to go hard. We put on a big rock and roll concert and it’s very different from our albums. It’s very unleashed and crazy.

16 Jun, 2014


Single Release

Maroon 5 releases Maps. The song is the first track off of their upcoming fifth studio album titled V. Levine says singles are chosen based on what the band think will be the biggest hit.

We choose the singles. But we also aren’t stupid. We present the singles, and we say ‘here are the singles, these are the songs we think would be big hits. But we listen to people. I play the song for everyone I can find that I love and I respect. I play the song for kids. Kids know everything. That’s the secret. They have the best taste in music. They have the best ears, because they aren’t corrupted by anything. We listen to the reaction from the label and friends…we do a lot of our own research.

14 May, 2013

Love Somebody

Single Release

Maroon 5 releases the single, Love Somebody, from their album, Overexposed. Adam Levine:

We could never put out a Maroon 5 record without the love songs as that’s why we connect so well with our fans. We have fun, yes, but we speak about things we’ve all been through at some time.

27 Nov, 2012


Single Release

Maroon 5 releases the single, Daylight, from their album, Overexposed.

As different as we all are, there are common themes that bring us together, inspire and show everyone what is important today. With this video, we’ll present the world today and beyond, creating more than just a music video.


reg_1024.overexposed.cm.4912Maroon 5 releases fourth studio album titled Overexposed. The album features 13 tracks that are more pop focused than previous records. The band collaborated with Wiz Kalifia and producer Shellback and Benny Blanco.

When you’ve been in a band for a decade, even longer, you start thinking, ‘OK, well maybe now we should explore this or change things up,’ because you don’t want to have it sound formulaic or too much like what you’ve always done. So we’re totally cool with kind of being born again. … At the heart of it, it still sounds like us, but we embrace this side of our band, and now that we’ve fully captured it on this record, we’re going to see what happens, and I think it’s going to be really positive.

25 Jun, 2012

One More Night

Single Release

Maroon 5 releases the single, One More Night, from their album, Overexposed. Adam Levine:

I do love the lyrics.The metaphor that we spoke of earlier, a relationship between two people, sometimes when it’s not going so well, it feels like a battle. Like a boxing match.

28 Nov, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Maroon 5 collaborates with Christina Aguilera on the track Moves Like Jagger. The single is on the Billboard Hot 100 for five months. Lead singer Adam Levine says that this is the first time the band has employed songwriters outside of the band.

What I’ve learned from the recent few months is that it’s OK to collaborate with other songwriters. I was always kind of staunchly opposed to it in the past, I think almost to a fault. I think I’ve got a lot to offer as a songwriter, but everybody hits a wall.

21 Sep, 2010

Hands All Over

Hands-All-OverMaroon 5 releases their third studio album tired Hands All Over. The record features 12 tracks including singles Misery, Give A Little More and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. The band also collaborated with Lady Antebellum on the track Out Of Goodbyes.

There are definitely songs on this record that don’t fit together. But that’s kind of the beauty of it, and that’s kind of what we are. As much as our music is popular—like pop music—it doesn’t really sound like any other band.

22 Jun, 2010


Single Release

Maroon 5 releases the single, Misery, from their album, Hands All Over. Adam Levine:

Misery’ is about the desperation of wanting someone really badly in your life but having it be very difficult. Kind of what all the songs I write are about. I’m not treading on new ground, but I think a lot of people – including myself – deal with that all the time. Relationships are difficult, and it’s good therapy to write about them.

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