Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller1 post
20 Aug, 2015

Bald Eagle photo spread


Donald Trump Bald Eagle photo spreadSchoeller explains the process behind Time‘s photo spread of Trump holding a bald eagle. The 27-year-old American bald eagle, named Uncle Sam, was flown in from Texas.

[Trump]’s very difficult to photograph. If you ask him to look up a little bit, he says no or he just doesn’t do it. He literally has one angle. If I ask him to smile, he puts on a big grin and then he goes back to his Zoolander ‘blue steel’ look. And the ‘blue steel’ stays for as ever long as it takes to get the photograph…When I get an assignment, I do my research and try to figure out what kind of picture would make the most sense given who the person is and what they’ve been up to. Mr. Trump liked that [bald eagel] idea. I thought he might be open to it considering he’s a man who loves attention. He likes controversy, and he likes to be in the spotlight.

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